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The Bishop Fraser Trust

The Bishop Fraser Trust A Church of England Multi Academy Trust
with the vision to allow
all children to experience Life in all its fullness

Become A Bishop Fraser Trust School

The Bishop Fraser Trust was established in December 2017 with two Schools in Bolton.

Canon Slade School and St James’s CE High School came together as convertor academies with the ambition to secure best practice, uphold the positive aspects of tradition and provide a distinctive Christian education for our families. We were delighted to welcome Bolton St Catherine’s Academy in May 2018 as a sponsored academy.

We were approached by Bury Church of England High School to join our Trust and we are delighted that they joined our family of schools in January 2022.

In January 2023,  we welcomed St Catherine's CE Primary School in Horwich.

Trustees are committed to keeping our Trust local and within a short commute (up to thirty minutes) of our schools to ensure strong relationships through face-to-face network groups and cross trust working.

Our Trustees are in agreement that The Bishop Fraser Trust can welcome schools of faith and non-faith.  We welcome any school which holds similar ethos and values.  For us, this is the belief that we should strive  for 'life in all its fullness'.  What that means in practical terms is that we believe schools should be joyful places, where both staff and pupils are stretched and nurtured in their profession and their educational journey.

At The Bishop Fraser Trust we truly believe in the necessity of fantastic personal development opportunities for all pupils, regardless of background or family income.  Our schools commit to thriving enrichment programmes and the types of life changing experiences that are prevalent in the private sector.  Schools that join The Bishop Fraser Trust share that common belief that it is as important to develop our pupils as well rounded, kind and resilient citizens of the future, as it is to ensure they gain the qualifications to lead a successful life.   In this way we prepare our pupils to lead 'life in all its fullness'.  For staff, we believe in investing in CPD at every stage of their career and also look to provide opportunities so they may flourish.

If you are interested in joining The Bishop Fraser Trust either email or telephone 01204 201150 to arrange a meeting with our CEO, Tuesday Humby.